Dating Your Husband

Being married has been amazing. I love spending time with my husband. Being a newlywed has been trying. We are still learning how to budget and communicate well. We are also trying to not spend all of our time on the couch watching Netflix. Dating can be hard, especially when you’re broke. This weekend I spent some serious time researching great date ideas. Not only extravagant, romantic dates, but cheap, fun dates too. Some are so easy you can stay at home! Here is a list of the best ones I found online.


Head to the park with a picnic! If it’s pouring down rain, no worries. Toss a quilt 0n to your living room floor and enjoy your picnic indoors.

Go for an afternoon hike.

Take a board game outside. See photo above for example. We played checkers by a river.

Make breakfast together. Then eat it in bed.

Go camping! Or Glamping… If the weather is unpredictable like it is here in Nashville and you can’t make it outside, camp at home! Create a “Love Fort”. Throw up some blankets, sheets, curtains or whatever you have. Hang twinkle lights and lay on tons of pillows.

Go house hunting! So what if you’re not really looking. Cruise your favorite neighborhood for open houses. See what you both want in your future home.

Plan a trip for the future. Go all out and plan your dream vacation. Maybe you can’t afford it now, but if it’s already planned, you could take it later on.

Create a future /family board. Cut out pictures from magazines of your dream life together. Make goals! Hang it somewhere you know you will see it and watch as you accomplish those dreams!

Head to the pool in the Summer. Slap sunscreen on each other and just talk and laugh for an afternoon.

Give each other an imaginary shopping budget. Go online and pick out all the things you would buy for your spouse.

Play strip poker. Or strip anything!

Volunteer together! Head out to haul trash at your church’s service day or visit a soup kitchen.

CHEAP DATES ($30 or under)

Find all of the quarters in your house (don’t forget to look in the couch, and all of your purses) and hit the arcade!

Head to a local sporting event. Maybe your city has a minor league baseball team or a roller derby league! (Nashville has both.)

Play a round of miniature golf.

Be a tourist in your home town. Visit places you haven’t been and don’t forget to snap some touristy photos.

Explore your Love Language. Sit down together and discuss the ways you love.

$10 challenge. Hit up a thrift store or go to yard sales and see who can purchase the best items!

Go to the zoo! It can be really fun to see what animals are at your local zoo.

Do an at home wine tasting! Many stores offer inexpensive wines. Trader Joe’s has plenty under $8. If you live near a BevMo, take advantage of their Buy one bottle get one for 5 cents deal!

Go see a play! Ok, yes this can get pricey but many productions sell tickets to their dress rehearsals for cheap.

Go to the driving range. There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition.

Head to the park for some soccer or frisbee. You may get a little sweaty, but that can be fun!


You may only be able to do one of these every few months. To make sure you are budgeting for these dates, make monthly envelopes. You can either pre pay for your dates and save them for later or add cash to the envelope as you can. Then it is a surprise to see how much you can spend on your date.

Visit a local vineyard. Depending on the price of the wine, this can be fairly expensive. Don’t forget to check on the food policy. Many vineyards and wineries let you bring your own food. Some also sell smoked meats and cheese but this can make your date much more expensive.

Go restaurant hopping! Pick 3 or 4 restaurants and visit each one for one course: drinks, appetizers, dinner, and dessert!

Get in the car and drive. Don’t pre plan this trip and don’t check your iPhone for places to stop. Be spontaneous! Just drive until you find cabins for rent or a quaint B & B!

Have an extravagant brunch. Get dressed up go to the best spot in your town.


If you have a Christmas budget but don’t know what to get your spouse, why not give them dates. Think of their interests, and use your Christmas money to pre pay for dates you can enjoy together. They don’t all have to be expensive. You could have an “at home” spa day or a movie marathon! Write notes each month for why you wanted to spend time with your husband doing this activity. He can open them all at Christmas or you can make him wait until the right month!

I hope these date idea help you as much as they have helped me! Don’t forget to use groupons to help you choose dates. These can help inspire you and cut your date prices in half! I would love to hear some of your date ideas!! Leave a comment about it. Xoxo, Marc

2 thoughts on “Dating Your Husband

  1. Aw, I love all of these ideas! Especially restaurant hopping. I’m giving up eating out for Lent, so maybe I’ll take some of the savings from eight weeks of hanging out at home to take Dan on a progressive dinner date.

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