Kristin + Austin // Bottomview Farm// Portland, TN

About two months ago I had the pleasure to meet Kristin and her mother. They had hired another coordinator and just did not click. When we met, Kristin and Austin’s wedding was one month away! We went into full swing organizing and coordinating their day! The plan was to have the ceremony inside and the reception in the barn but the weather did not agree. (Here in middle Tennessee we had gone 21 days without rain but this day we got plenty of it)! We were able to have the ceremony inside and transform the space during cocktails for dinner and dancing. Since they were getting married on a Strawberry Farm, we incorporated them into the tablescapes… and they were so delicious! The rain cleared out later in the day for some gorgeous photos by Chesley Summar. Take a look!

Smith-Skelton-favorites-001 Smith-Skelton-favorites-002 Smith-Skelton-favorites-004 Smith-Skelton-favorites-009 Smith-Skelton-favorites-011 Smith-Skelton-favorites-012 Smith-Skelton-favorites-016 Smith-Skelton-favorites-020 Smith-Skelton-favorites-022 Smith-Skelton-favorites-023 Smith-Skelton-favorites-024 Smith-Skelton-favorites-027 Smith-Skelton-favorites-031 Smith-Skelton-favorites-038 Smith-Skelton-favorites-039 Smith-Skelton-favorites-043 Smith-Skelton-favorites-044 Smith-Skelton-favorites-047 Smith-Skelton-favorites-049 Smith-Skelton-favorites-053 Smith-Skelton-favorites-054 Smith-Skelton-favorites-055 Smith-Skelton-favorites-056 Smith-Skelton-favorites-059 Smith-Skelton-favorites-061 Smith-Skelton-favorites-064 Smith-Skelton-favorites-065 Smith-Skelton-favorites-066 Smith-Skelton-favorites-067 Smith-Skelton-favorites-068 Smith-Skelton-favorites-069 Smith-Skelton-favorites-070 Smith-Skelton-favorites-071 Smith-Skelton-favorites-072 Smith-Skelton-favorites-076 Smith-Skelton-favorites-080 Smith-Skelton-favorites-081 Smith-Skelton-favorites-082 Smith-Skelton-favorites-085 Smith-Skelton-favorites-086 Smith-Skelton-favorites-087 Smith-Skelton-favorites-090 Smith-Skelton-favorites-091 Smith-Skelton-favorites-098 Smith-Skelton-favorites-101 Smith-Skelton-favorites-103 Smith-Skelton-favorites-104 Smith-Skelton-favorites-109 Smith-Skelton-favorites-110 Smith-Skelton-favorites-112


Photography- Chesley Summar Photography

Venue- The Grounds at Bottomview

Cake- Lil’ Cakes

Catering- Michael’s Catering

DJ- Tick Bryan

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