Hayley + Brian // Carnton Plantation // Franklin, TN

Hayley and Brian got married in May at the gorgeous Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN. Their wedding ceremony took place in front of an incredible Osage Orange tree that is hundreds of years old. It was simple and sweet and perfect. Following the ceremony was an all out PARTY complete with bluegrass and bourbon. To say their guests had fun would be a total understatement! A huge thanks to Kristin Sweeting for the images that follow.

kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0031 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0032 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0036 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0091 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0092 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0096 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0115 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0147 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0148 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0151 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0161 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0164 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0178 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0179 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0190 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0243 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0244 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0263 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0284 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0287 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0298 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0305 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0310 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0311 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0313 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0316 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0317 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0318 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0319 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0321 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0322 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0329 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0331 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0356 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0364 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0368 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0375 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0454 kristinsweetingHayleyBrian0501

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