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Hello! I’m Marc. That’s me on the left. I live in Nashville, TN with my husband Gavin and our cat, Crop Top. I love Jesus, fresh flowers, spending time outside, wine, and throwing parties. Vera and Harper Montgomery were my great grandparents. They are the root to my huge southern family and stemmed many traditions and lots of love. Let me tell you how I got started in the crazy beautiful field of event planning! I started cutting out pictures of parties when I was pretty young. I would flip through my mother’s Southern Living magazines and rip out every pretty backyard party including the recipes. I knew that one day I would plan beautiful events and have glamorous friends to party with. I studied Elementary Education and started helping with events at the school I worked for. For a year, I studied Fashion Merchandising and fell in love with design. After helping some friends with weddings and eventually planning my own  in 2012, Vera and Harper was born. I love making events beautiful but more than anything I love to reflect the people I                           plan for. Many people may say your home tells people a lot about you but I say So does a party!

veraandharper@gmail.com // (615) 457-7006


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